Youth Club

Young People’s Zone

Youth Club is open at The Zone every Monday & Friday 6:30pm until 8:30pm

Entrance is just £1.50pp.
Open to Year 5's and up.
Refreshments are available in our tuck shop.

Our youth club gives young people a low-cost place to go outside of school, offering them a sense of belonging. The activities and support from club leaders and volunteers allow young people to learn new skills, be active and build confidence and resilience for the future, as well as have fun in a safe environment.

There's plenty of fun activities available such as playing sports, playing games, listening to music, doing arts and crafts as well as weekly activities organised by our young leaders.
You can find this list of activities on our homepage.

Biddulph Youth and Community Zone - Facilities

Please see below for images for the different facilities available for young people attending the Youth Club. We have a variety of activities suitable for young people.
Although our Youth Clubs are run by volunteers we always have at least 2 qualified youth workers onsite. 
If you require any information or would like to book, please contact The Zone : 01782 244288

Sports Hall

Biddulph Zone Sports Hall

Pool Table


Biddulph Zone Youth Disco

Arts & Crafts

Biddulph Zone Arts and Crafts

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