Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering opportunities at Biddulph Youth and Community Zone.
Volunteering Is a way to both support your local community, enhance your skills and have a lot of fun along the way.

The Zone needs your help to recruit a committed core of volunteers across a wide range of projects to ensure we deliver a First class service to Biddulph. Volunteering or mentoring at The Youth and Community Zone will enable you to be at the heart of a fantastic new project that will turn around the options and opportunities for young people & Adults within the community.

Whilst you’ll want to make a real difference when you volunteer, it’s not just about what you can do for others. Here are some of the things that volunteering can do for you:
  • Give your CV a boost – Time Bank recently did a survey of some of the UK’s leading businesses and 73%* said they’d employ someone who’s volunteered over someone who hasn’t
  • Get back into work – It’s a great way to get a reference and fill gaps in your work experience. You can also try out different types of work to get a taster – which can really help you if you’re looking for a job or want to change direction
  • Improve your confidence – You’ll learn and do things that you might not normally get the chance to – this can be a real confidence boost
  • Improve your health – While you’re busy giving back to your community you could also be getting healthier! Research has found that volunteering can do everything from helping you to sleep better to boosting your immune system
  • Meet new people – You’ll probably meet people from different cultures and backgrounds that you might not normally. Volunteering with people who are as passionate about improving the opportunities for you people, as you are, is a great way to meet like-minded people.

We have opportunities both during the day and in the evening.


We have a number of rewarding projects that we run that can offer volunteers the chance to get involved with a variety of activities. Whether that be helping with our Fruit and Veg project, helping out at the Youth Club or if you’re wanting something more specific, we will try our best to accommodate you. Any support by our volunteers is always greatly appreciated. 

Behind the scenes: If you are looking to volunteer but would prefer to not work directly with young people, you can help out behind the scenes. We are always looking for extra help with fundraising or event days. Also see advisory group opportunity.

Call us on 01782 244288 for a quick chat about what you have in mind or email

Young Leaders

If you are under 20 years old and would like to volunteer you can join our young leaders advisory group. The group fundraises, organises activities, promotes services to potential users/supporters and helps out in the local community.

Apply: Visit our contact page and get in touch for more details.

Community Advisory Group

Our Community advisory group are multi-agency stakeholders, including parents, community members and agencies. They help us to ensure plans are in place to meet the needs of the local community. The role of the advisory board is to provide support and challenge; to work with the centre manager to identify priorities through effective consultation and engagement; agree objectives and development plans; monitor progress through performance outcomes; ensure the services on offer meet local needs and to facilitate two way communication between the community and BYCZ.

If you would like more information please download our PDF Information Pack for Members of Biddulph Youth and Community Zones Advisory Board

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please send us a message and we will get back to you.


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